Little Known Software Tools for Developers

Are you tired of using the same old software tools for your development projects? Do you want to explore new and exciting options that can help you streamline your workflow and boost your productivity? Look no further than these little known software tools for developers!

1. Zsh

Zsh is a powerful command line shell that offers many features and customization options that are not available in the default Bash shell. With Zsh, you can take advantage of advanced tab completion, spelling correction, and globbing, among other things. You can also customize your prompt to display information about your current working directory, Git branch, and more.

2. Tmux

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that allows you to split your terminal into multiple panes, each with its own command line interface. This can be incredibly useful for multitasking, as you can run multiple commands and view their output simultaneously. Tmux also allows you to detach and reattach sessions, so you can pick up where you left off even if you need to switch to a different computer or terminal.

3. Fzf

Fzf is a command line fuzzy finder that allows you to quickly search for files, directories, and other items on your system. With Fzf, you can type a few characters of a file name or path and instantly see a list of matching results. You can then select the item you want and perform an action on it, such as opening it in your text editor or running it as a command.

4. Ripgrep

Ripgrep is a fast and powerful command line tool for searching files and directories. It is designed to be faster than other search tools like grep and ack, and it supports advanced features like regular expressions and file exclusion patterns. With Ripgrep, you can quickly find the files and lines of code you need, even in large codebases.

5. Tldr

Tldr is a command line tool that provides simplified and practical examples of how to use various command line tools. With Tldr, you can quickly learn how to use a new tool without having to read through lengthy documentation or tutorials. Tldr also supports many popular command line tools, so you can easily find examples for the tools you use most often.

6. Ctop

Ctop is a command line tool for monitoring the performance of Docker containers. With Ctop, you can view real-time metrics like CPU usage, memory usage, and network activity for each container. You can also sort and filter containers based on various criteria, such as resource usage or container name.

7. Httpie

Httpie is a command line tool for making HTTP requests. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for sending requests and viewing responses, and it supports many advanced features like JSON formatting and authentication. With Httpie, you can quickly test and debug your API endpoints without having to use a web browser or a dedicated API client.

8. Bat

Bat is a command line tool for viewing and highlighting code files. It supports syntax highlighting for many programming languages, and it also provides features like line numbering and Git integration. With Bat, you can quickly view and navigate code files without having to open them in a text editor.

9. Cmatrix

Cmatrix is a command line tool that displays a scrolling matrix-like animation on your terminal. While it may not be the most practical tool for development, it can be a fun and entertaining way to take a break from your work and show off your command line skills to your colleagues.

10. Tmuxinator

Tmuxinator is a command line tool for managing Tmux sessions. It allows you to define and save Tmux configurations as YAML files, so you can quickly start and stop sessions with a single command. Tmuxinator also supports advanced features like pre and post commands, so you can automate tasks like starting a web server or running tests.


These little known software tools for developers can help you take your development workflow to the next level. Whether you need to improve your command line skills, streamline your Docker container monitoring, or simply take a break with a scrolling matrix animation, these tools have something for everyone. So why not give them a try and see how they can help you become a more productive and efficient developer?

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